Finance Center of
the United Republics
of Antarctica

URA coin FAQ:

Q: What is the URA coin??
A: The URAcoin is a currency, which may be used to purchase physical and intellectual property and may be used by any individuals or organizations across the world.

Q: What can be purchased with the URA coin?
A. Your own third party domain (landing page) under the official URA website.
B. Digitized URA Antarctic land from the Digital Land Reserve.
C. Physical URA residence cards/passports
D. URA merch 
E. URA professionals provide a range of digital services:
1.  Presidential Press Office news support package - 500 URA
Publishing any of your news articles in URA's media reach:
2.  Presidential Press Office editorial package - 500 URA  
The editorial team of the Presidential Press Office can write a news article for you (if the subject is provided of course)
3.  Design package - from 500 to 1000 URA  (Ministry of Information and Media)
Infographics/logo creation, photo editing, or other design briefs
4.  Analytics package - 1000 URA  (Office of Exterior Intelligence [OEI])
If an intermicronational investigation needs to be done - OEI is ready to take the case and provide a thourough investigation report on the output.
F. Tickets for a tour to Antarctica
G. Anything!

Q: Can I exchange URA coins into another currency?
A: It is possible to perform exchanges within the URA coin/US dollar trade pair. Please check the 
Finance Center to set up your URA wallet in Metamask and send an email to with the amount that you would like to exchange.

Q: For example, if I exchange/invest 1 dollar into URA coins, will I be able to exchange it back?
1. Short answer - yes.
2. Long answer - If an individual exchanged US dollars into URAcoins - that individual has the reserved right to exchange back that sum (in URAcoins) at any time (any day) at the latest exchange rate set by the URA Finance Center. The maximum transfer delay possible is 14 days.

Q: What about if I earned URA coins by performing some kind of task/work?
1. URAcoins earned by an individual  may be exchanged into US dollars only on specific exchange days during the year set by the URA Finance Center. These exchange days also have a certain overall exchange limit, which when reached - automatically closes the exchange function for that exchange day. For example, the daily limit may be 50 URA coins and if two individuals want to make an exchange - each 50 URA coins - one will be able to make it, but the later one will not and will have to wait until the next official exchange day.
2. Granted URA coins may not be exchanged into US dollars via the URA Finance Center unless otherwise specifically noted by the URA government.

Q: Is this currency backed up by anything?
A: Like any cryptocurrency the URA coin is backed up by the blockchain and there is a limited amount of coins in circulation (1 billion) which is relative to the amount of ice on the URA territory (10 million gigatons of Antarctic ice). So 1 URA coin equals to 100 gigatons of Antarctic ice. 
Since the Antarctic ice sheet is melting, the URA coin is prognosed to grow rapidly over the course of the next few decades.

Q: What is the exchange rate? 
A: The URA coin exchange rate is published monthly on the Finance Center page. The exchange rate may change more often, but is not updated daily due to the current test stage of the currency.

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