The Digital Land Reserve of
the United Republics
of Antarctica

An oasis in the polar dessert!

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Reserving a digital acre in the New Swabia Republic is a great investment!
The territory is full of oasises and has a rich historical background. Queen Maud Land was the first part of Antarctica to be sighted, on 27 January 1820 by Fabian von Bellingshausen, and saw many other historical expeditions including the infamous German Antarctic Expedition in 1938. There are three types of birds around Troll: the Antarctic petrel, the snow petrel and the south polar skua. The emperor penguin has some of its breeding places concentrated in Queen Maud Land. All four of the true Antarctic seals, namely the Weddell sealleopard sealcrabeater seal and Ross seal, can be found in the King Haakon VII Sea.

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