URA State Parliament announces territorial reformation before 2021

The URA State Parliament announced that the New Swabia and Coats Republics territorial shift referendums have officialy ended on November 22, 2020. 85% of its citizens voted for the territorial reformation and renaming of the republics. The URA Presidential Council voted 8 to 4, with 1 abstention, for the territorial reform to take place before 2021. We asked the National Strategy Advisor - Pavel Ishukov to comment on the situation and here is what he had to say, “On one hand this is a great step internationally for the URA. The longterm territorial conflicts with Uzupis and MOCC will be resolved by the reform. On the other hand, even though 85% is a definite majority vote - we still have 15% of citizens from two Republics which are not ready to change their place of residence. This means that the government will have to take additional measures to either motivate these citizens to move or for them to immigrate”. The New Swabia and Coats Republics will be respectively renamed to Kempland Republic and Argus Republic. The map below which was provided by the State Parliament portrays the new URA territorial boundaries (in velvet color), with the territorial reformation period set from November 24th to December 24th 2020.

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3. URA State Parliament

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