The URA territorial boundaries have been solidified!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The URA consists of three micronational republics. These are the Transantarctic Republic (consisting of the Transantarctic Mountain range from 180 to 150 degrees East of Greenwich, Victoria Land, Adelie Land and a portion of Wilkes Land to the left of 120 degrees East of Greenwich), the Coats Republic (consisting of Coats Land to the right of 30 degrees West of Greenwich) and the New Swabia Republic (consisting of Queen Maud Land from 0 to 30 degrees West of Greenwich). The current territorial boundaries can be seen on the map below. The official presidential decree will be published shortly after the Press Office recieves a copy of it. Disclaimer #1: The URA does not claim any current Antarctic bases located within this area as well as land within 50 km radiuses of such bases. Since The Republic of St. Charlie has been dissoluted in 2017, and "on 1 June 2019, Emosia, in order to pursue higher legitimacy, had relinquished all claims within the continent of Antarctica, due to seemingly fruitless task to enforce the claim." - the URA takes the right to claim the land which belonged to these micronations within the boundaries shown on the map below.

Disclaimer #2: The URA as a micronational entity makes this territorial claim believing (based on documented statements) that it does not intersect with any micronational claims of currently active Antarctic micronations made earlier than January 1st 2020 within these territorial boundaries. In case if such claims have been made earlier than this date, please contact the URA Presidential Press office to inform us providing evidence. The URA does not have any intentions to claim territory of any micronation without its voluntary consent.

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