The URA is under attack?

On March 22nd the URA Office of Exterior Intelligence (OEI) sent a classified memo to President Vasia Bratchuk. The Presidential Press Office was partially briefed on the contents which were not marked as confidential. Apparently, since yesterday the Ministry of Information and Media of URA experienced difficulties with posting any content on the official URA (United Republics of Antarctica) Facebook page with links to the official URA website. The website seems to be blocked as "not meeting" Facebook's Community Standards.

The OEI IT Department mentioned that this ban was most probably implemented as a result of multiple users (possibly citizens of other micronations) firing complaints under certain URA Facebook posts. These actions resulted in a ban with all URA Facebook posts containing links to the official website got deleted [editor addition: or temporarily hidden, status not clear]. Strangely, this ban happened to be implemented right in the middle of the URA Diversity Lottery campaign , which was showing exceptional results through last week:

The OEI mentioned that whether this is a coincidence, an attack of a group of individuals or an attack of another micronation is still being confirmed, however, in any case these actions fall under a Class C threat to national security (halting the processes of national digital resources and other activities resulting in a full or partial informational blockade). This morning, the Presidential Council issued an immediate formation of a special investigation team to join OEI's efforts in determining the roots of the problem with daily reporting directly to the President of URA. The President also commented the situation himself: "I would like to emphasize that it is very important to stay calm and not to indulge in any gossip, frame-ups or provocations. We do not currently know who stands behind these actions and I would encourage everyone against making any public assumptions. The investigation team is working hard on finding out the root cause. Is this serious? Yes, and mark my word, we will not let this slip through."

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