The URA experienced an ILLEGAL form of micronational cyber warfare

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Read the full investigation report released by the OEI here.

The attack on the United Republics of Antarctica which took place March 22nd, 2020 was carried out by a group of individuals and is a new form of anonymous (directly non-traceable) micronational cyber warfare and can also be classified as a form of micronational cyber terrorism. The casualties of such an attack are extremely hard to make up for as the only workaround for a micronation to avoid Facebook banning its posts with links to a micronation’s official website after being reported as "abusive" is changing a micronation's domain name. The attack of March 22nd has been successfully stopped by the IT unit of OEI (Office of Exterior Intelligence), however the casualties of the cyber blockade have not been made up for. The micronation(s) from where the attackers originated should hold full responsibility for the hostile actions of their citizens towards URA. Such actions of cyber warfare should be effectively addressed by the micronational community as whole including all micronational peace organizations (such as GUM and CUM) and proclaimed as a violation of microinternational law (or at least be regulated by it). Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the micronational community will not suffer from a series of such attacks in the nearest future.

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