The Adelie Land Treaty of Cession

Earlier this week URA ceded a part of their territory to the Federal Republic of New Potato Land as shown on the map below (shaded white and marked "NPL"):

"The United Republics of Antarctica and the Federal Republic of New Potato Land, being desirous of strengthening the good faith, understanding and mutual goalward relations, which exist between them, have, for that purpose, agreed upon and signed the following articles:" - to read the Treaty in full go here. Executive Officer of the NPL Josiah Welch described the cession being "a nice break from the conflicts that are happening right now" and both Josiah Welch and Vasia Bratchuk exchanged ratifications on Wednesday (March 11th) this week stating that this is a historical moment for both micronations. URA citizens based in Adelie Land have the priviledge of automatically recieving NPL citizenship or dual URA/NPL citizenship.

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