MicroWikiLeaks - simple blackmail?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

On November 3rd the URA Ministry of Foreign Affairs recieved an email with a warning from an individual calling herself a micronational journalist stating that if TSA does not stay out of the Drygalski Island conflict and does not officially announce that Brenia's claims are fully valid before 7th of November - MicroWikiLeaks will publish a confidential URA document, which it recieved from an anonymous source. The publishing of this document, supposedly, will be a big reputational loss for the URA government.

Peter Scheelbeck - the Head of Foreign Affairs commented: "To be honest, this looks more like an international provocation to me... or put simply - blackmail. Either this so called MicroWikiLeaks is a blackmail organization with ties to Brienia, or the people there didn't study the matter of the Drygalski Island conflict well enough. Either way - we cannot even consider the risks of not making an announcement recognizing Drygalski as a part of Brienia without seeing what these guys have put up against us - the confidential information they claim to have obtained..." UPDATE (November 4th): A printscreen of Microwikileaks correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was provided by Peter Scheelbeck:

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