URA Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Policy and government structure of the United Republics of Antarctica



The United Republics of Antarctica is a sovereign federal state with the main goal of building and sustaining a social-democratic, secure, prosperous and ecological world for the people of Antarctica and the international community. The full policy is disclosed in the Constitution of the United Republics of Antarctica.

Government structure

The main governing body of the URA is the Presidential Council. The Presidential Council consists of the following persons:


Vasia Bratchuk

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Director of the Office of
Exterior Intelligence
Peter Scheelbeck


Vice President
Anthony Telegin


National Strategy Advisor
Pavel Ishukov


Spiritual Leader
Mitun Chidamparam

All heads of ministries are members of the Presidential Council  as well. 
The URA Ministries are listed hereby:
  • Ministry of State
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Antarctic Development
  • Ministry of Information and Media
  • Ministry of Culture
The URA are constantly in search for talents to join and work for the Government!
For us to review your candidacy, please send a letter to foreignaffairs@unitedrepublicsofantarctica.org
with subject name "GOVERNMENT WORK" and your resume/bio/portfolio attached and a description of what you would like to do.