URA Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Work for
the United Republics
of Antarctica


Vacancies in the URA government sector:

Presidential Press Office: Senior SMM/programmer
Monthly Salary: 5000 URACOINS
- Overview and plan news posts on all URA media sources
- Perform activities increasing URA media reach (promotion)

Presidential Press Office - Junior SMM/programmer 
Monthly Salary: 2000 URACOINS
- Perform activities increasing URA media reach (promotion)
- News writing + publication

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Director of the Immigrations Office
Monthly Salary: 3000 URACOINS 
- Handling all immigration applications/activity
- Managing promotion of URA citizenship

Office of Exterior Intelligence - Analyst
Monthly Salary: 3900 URACOINS
- Confidential

Office of Exterior Intelligence - Operations officer
Monthly Salary: 9500 URACOINS
- Confidential

Ministry of Information and Media - Promoter - [available to foreigners as well]
Payment per task: 20 URACOINS
- Reposting URA news on social networks
- Inviting new people to follow URA media sources
- Other promotional activities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
We are looking for ambassadors to the following priority regions: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, United States, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain. However, if you are located in another region please also contact us and we will see if there's a match on the full list.
Monthly Salary: 
undisclosed (email foreignaffairs@unitedrepublicsofantarctica.org for more information) 
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