Finance Center of
the United Republics
of Antarctica

Current Exchange Rate

      1 USD = 977 URA 

How to receive URA coins?

1. Create an account in Metamask (download the app or add as a Chrome extension) and in "Networks" select the Ropsten Test Network.
                                                                                         2. Click "add token".

3. In the contract address field paste the URA coin token address: 0x0c7972c5df9e265a4ddc47253aeeb52f93f96c5f

The other fields should fill in automatically. Click "next".
                                                                                   4. You should now see the URA currency
                                                                                   available in your account:
5. Click on the URA tab to open up the functionality of receiving and sending URA coins.
To receive URA coins from the URA government (if you were already hired for a specific task or job) click on "Recieve". Now just send your account address to a URA government official via :
6. Now, just wait until the URA Finance Center processes the transaction and... Profit!
Check out the URA coin FAQ and the available vacancies/tasks and start earning now! 
Are you not a citizen yet? Fill in your application here.