URA Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Becoming a citizen of
the United Republics
of Antarctica


Benefits of becoming a citizen of Antarctica

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  • Get a chance to visit Antarctica for FREE !

  • Become a part of the Antarctic community (scientists, naturalists, historians, underwater specialists, etc.)

  • Invest in your own future and the future of your family

"Over the last 25 years, the Antarctic ice sheet has lost about 3 trillion tons of ice. Over the past five years the rate of ice loss from Antarctica is three times what it was 25 years ago.
What does this mean?
This means that Antarctica was never so close to becoming actually inhabitable by people. 
What is the probability of this happening during your lifetime or the lifetime of your kids? 
Climate change and sea-level rise predictions are becoming worse in an almost geometric progression, so speaking of probability - it is considerable.
Becoming a citizen of the United Republics of Antarctica is a great investment in your own future."

Vasia Bratchuk - President of the URA

Wait, isn't Antarctica for everyone anyway?

Yes, it is! And that is the whole point.
We do not know what will happen in the future. Some countries might claim and try to enforce control over certain Antarctic territories imposing their own laws on people residing in those territories. We believe that such a situation is unacceptable and that all people who go to the continent for work or travel reasons form a single community of people with equal rights who can be called "Antarcticans". The future of Antarctica is and should be in the hands of this community, not in the hands of politicians from other continents.
Of course, at the current moment in history you do not need a visa or a passport to travel to the continent.
URA citizenship gives you potential benefits for traveling to Antarctica and helps you with integration into the Antarctic community.

How to become a citizen of Antarctica?

1. Choose one of the two options below:
2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will overview your application, determine your eligibility criteria and file an official response noting their decision regarding your citizenship.
3. In the case of a positive decision you will be granted with a digital Certificate of Naturalization (for FREE), which is the equivalent of a residence permit, and allows you to participate in URA events all over the world for free and opens up several other opportunities.
4. The final step in becoming a citizen is obtaining your actual passport (with an exception for people who have actually traveled to Antarctica).
Becoming a citizen makes you eligible to vote in all of the elections in the URA including Presidential and Presidential Council elections as well as makes you eligible to submit your candidacy.
You also get a chance to win a FREE trip to Antarctica.
The passport issuing cost is 0.0035 Bitcoin.
Donations in other currencies are also accepted. This fee covers the passport manufacturing costs and the remainder gets added to the Travel fund which covers the cost of trips to Antarctica funded by URA.
The URA are constantly in search for talents to join and work for the Government!
For us to review your candidacy, please send a letter to foreignaffairs@unitedrepublicsofantarctica.org
with subject name "GOVERNMENT WORK" and your resume/bio/portfolio attached and a description of what you would like to do.