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January 22, 2021

A 6-day trip sponsored by the URA government (cruise to, land in Antarctica, and fly back) will take place and YOU can be the one to go!

5 November 2020

URA Passport Services presented a new passport design

The first blue URA passports will be issued next month, the Passport Services Office has said.

The current design is being replaced, due to URA's anniversary.

Secretary Domeo said the passport will "now be fully entwined with our national identity".

The government estimates that all newly-issued passports will be blue from the winter.

Until then, they will be issued alongside white passports, which will remain valid for travel until they expire.

The URA 2021 Diversity Program has been launched

The Diversity Program 2021 has been launched. 
10 winners (selectees) will recieve a URA passport without having to pay the issuance fees!
Click here to register.


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